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Opening Ceremony

Monday, September 9 2019, 09:15 - 10:00 Ceremony

The official event launch, opening ITU Telecom World 2019 before an audience of event participants and special guests, including ministers, regulators, C-level industry representatives, heads of international organizations, exhibitors, Forum speakers and accredited media.

Doors open at 8:30 and guests are kindly asked to be seated by no later than 9:00

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Mr. Houlin Zhao

Mr. Francis Gurry

Mr. His Excellency Nguyen Manh Hung

Mr. His Excellency Viktor Orbán

MSMEs in the Digital Agenda – The Case of Uganda

Monday, September 9 2019, 10:45 - 12:00 Partner Session

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are Uganda’s engine for economic growth and development. Over 2.5 million peopleare employed in this sector, where they account for approximately 90% of the entire private sector, generating over 80% of manufactured output that contributes 20% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

MSMEs are therefore key for entrepreneurial development, poverty alleviation and improved quality of life. They provide the economy with a continuous supply of ideas, skills and innovation necessary to promote competition and the efficient allocation of scarce resources.

Despite playing this important role, MSMEs are running out of business at the rate of 50% annually. They lack sufficient capital to drive their operations and are unable to leverage ICTs for improved performance and profitability. A study conducted by the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises Uganda (FSMEU) found that 72% of MSMEs in Uganda suffer from a digital skills gap. Two thirds did not know how to use a computer and three quarters had no functional websites. Such challenges hold back high potential MSMEs, yet their growth would benefit the whole value chain, including suppliers, processors, distributors and storage facilities.

The workshop will underscore the importance of MSMEs in Uganda and Africa, highlighting interventions that have been made at policy and regulatory level to help them leverage digitalisation for improved performance.

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Mr. Nyombi Thembo

Mr. Geoffrey Sengendo

Mr. Barnabás Csikós

Mr. Advocate John Omo

Innovating together: connectivity that matters

Monday, September 9 2019, 13:45 - 15:30 Forum Session

Connectivity is central to development throughout the world, producing a direct, positive and measurable impact on economies and benefiting lives across every sector of society. Ensuring universal access to high-speed Internet, and the services, applications and products it enables, is essential. But it is not enough. To be meaningful, connectivity must be affordable, fit-for-purpose and relevant to local contexts, supported by digital literacy and skills, and accessible to the digitally disenfranchised such as those in rural and remote areas.

What innovative solutions, hybrid technology mixes and cross-sector partnerships can drive universal access? How can innovative regulatory approaches, government initiatives or incentives, and industry models impact on increasing meaningful connectivity? Can we nurture a culture of responsible innovation, rather than innovation for innovation’s sake? How can we work together to bring about meaningful, inclusive and relevant connectivity that improves lives everywhere?

The Forum Summit is the flagship session of ITU Telecom World, setting the scene for the Forum debates to follow with a mixture of keynote  speeches and interactive panel discussions. The Forum Summit is an outstanding opportunity for all event participants to hear expert insight, gain international perspectives, and understand the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation at the very highest level.

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Mr. Houlin Zhao

Dr. His Excellency Abdulaziz Bin Salem Al Ruwais

His Excellency Hamad Al Mansoori

Mr. Damon Embling

Mme. Doreen Bogdan-Martin

Ms. Amanda Nelson

Mr. Francis Gurry

Péter Halácsy

9th ITU Telecom World Spectrum and Technology Workshop

Monday, September 9 2019, 14:30 - 17:00 Partner Session

Under the theme of “Building a 5G Global Community: Innovation, Openness and Cooperation”, the 9th Spectrum and Technology Workshop will be jointly hosted by International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), China Mobile and Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance (TDIA) in the afternoon of Sep. 9th in Budapest, Hungary during ITU Telecom World 2019.

As 5G approaches, it will unleash the limitless possibilities and enable more exciting services and application in our society.This workshop will bring together delegates from governments, regulators, organizations, operators and industry partners to not onlyshare views on 5G spectrum planning and allocation, 5G development strategy and industrial cooperation, but also discuss the key topics such as how operators serve the vertical market using efficient spectrum and innovative technologies.

The agenda of thesession is available here

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Mr. Houlin Zhao

His Excellency Zhaoxiong Chen

Mr. Xin Dong

Mr. Osamu Kamimura

Ms. Yuhong Huang

Mr. Balazs Bertenyi

Ms. Yanbin Li

Karin Thurberg

Mr. Peng Zhao

Mr. Magnus Ewerbring

Mr. Uwe Baeder

Mr. Yang Wang

Mr. Juan-Antonio Ibanez

Accelerating digital transformation through ICT centric ecosystem

Monday, September 9 2019, 16:00 - 17:30 Specialized Session

World leaders may have embraced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since 2015, but technology is changing fast, and continuing to disrupt economies and lives everywhere. If we are to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship must converge through new thinking, and leverage an ecosystem approach to fostering digital development. As newer technologies appear, unexpected challenges in growth, inclusion and job creation arise for policymakers.  

The capacity of entrepreneurs to take ideas to market is the biggest source of job creation. Through entrepreneurship, innovators create startups, which can grow to become small and medium businesses, some of which are ultimately able to sustain high growth. National programmes and pol icies need constant adaptation due to the constantly changing environment – but this is often happening too slowly, increasing the digital innovation divide. What has been the experience of different countries in terms of key actions taken to build competitive innovation ecosystems and close this innovation gap? How can ITU help countries to navigate the changing technology landscape through innovation?

Session supported within the framework of the ITU Regional Initiative for Europe on ICT-CentricInnovation Ecosystems.  

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Mme. Doreen Bogdan-Martin

Ms. Her Excellency Pinky Kekana

Ms. Rosarita Niken Widiastuti

Ms. Ratka Strugar

Mr. Prof. Konstantinos Masselos

Ms. Marta Arsovska Tomovska

Mr. Leigh Purnell

Investing in the digital future: towards gigabit infrastructure and society

Wednesday, October 9 2019, 09:15 - 10:30 Specialized Session

Investment in ICT infrastructure, such as broadband rollout, is a vital step to promote sustainable development, social integration and the development of gigabit society. An enabling environment is a key determinant of investment dynamics. This session will provide a unique opportunity for dialogue and discussion of high level representatives from public and private sectors, development banks, regional and international organizations. It is held within the framework of the ITU Regional Initiative for Europe on Broadband infrastructure, broadcasting and spectrum management, which aims to facilitate high-speed connectivity through resilient and synergistic infrastructure development, deployment and sharing, whilst ensuring the quality of user experience.

What are the keymeasures that may help countries attract investment in the ICT sector, and what are the existing and emerging opportunities - as well as related challenges? What mapping systems can be used, including investment opportunities mapping systems and financing opportunities from regional and international financial institutions? How can agile national policies and strategies for digital sustainable development be created? What can be learnt from showcase case studies throughout Europe, in particular South Eastern Europe, and what are the best practices, issues and opportunities commonly encountered?

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His Excellency Damjan Manchevski

Ms. Her Excellency Dorina Cinari

Ms. Lise Fuhr

Mr. Je Myung Ryu

Mr. Àkos Bòna

Mr. Enrique Medina Malo

Mr. Gabor Korosi

Mr. Po-Wen Liu

Mr. Attila Gecse

Panel Lunch hosted by Japan - Cutting-edge connections: exploring ICT Innovation in Japan

Wednesday, October 9 2019, 12:15 - 13:45 Networking Event

This session introduces some of Japan's unique cutting-edge ICT  technologies which are helping us to connect to our neighbours,  communities, societies and the world. Taking advantage of the unique  opportunity offered by ITU Telecom World 2019, we hope to share our  thoughts, experiences, ideas and tips for connecting through ICT with as  many participants as possible.

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Ms. Her Excellency Kuni Sato

Mr. Dr. Naoto Kadowaki

Mr. Osamu Kamimura

Ms. Hatsumi Tanaka

Mr. Takeshi Kawabe

Mr. Futoshi Sasaki

Mr. Masanori Katsura

Partner session by CSAIA

Wednesday, October 9 2019, 15:45 - 17:00 Partner Session


Mr. Houlin Zhao

Mr. Ping Wang

Mr. Zhangshu Sheh

Mr. Walter Situ

Our place in Europe: expanding the Digital Agenda in the West Balkans

Saturday, November 9 2019, 09:15 - 10:30 Partner Session

The positive effect and results of the Digital Agenda on all EU Member States have been undeniable for nearly a decade now. High-speed broadband network speeds, coverage and quality in the EU are amongst the best in the world, and the introduction of 5G in many member states in the near future will ensure Europe’s leading role in both technology and digital services

The Digital Future Foundation continues to work hard to equip individuals and SMEs with digital skills in order to maintain a competitive edge in all new types of labour force requirements. The digital integrity of the West Balkans is a top priority in terms of the development of high-speed broadband networks, digital skills and new types of services. This panel session will follow up on the initial agreement between the WB6 countries and the Commission to speed up the integration of Digital Agenda into the West Balkan countries even before they become full members of the EU. "Our place in Europe" is a panel where challenges will meet solutions.

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Mr. Àkos Bòna

Ms. Her Excellency Dorina Cinari

Mr. His Excellency Saša Dalipagic

Ms. Dr. Pranvera Kastrati

Developing digital agriculture strategies in Europe and Central Asia

Saturday, November 9 2019, 11:00 - 12:30 Specialized Session
Held within the framework of the ITU Regional Initiative for Europe on Information and Communication Technology-centric Innovation Ecosystems, which aims to establish a sustainable culture of innovation through concrete strategic actions using ICTs as an enabler,&nsbp;this session will bring together high-level stakeholders from ICT and agriculture ministries and regulatory bodies. It will provide a unique opportunity for dialogue and discussion between ITU, FAO, ministers and regulators in the e-agriculture domain, focusing on sharing best practices and case studies, highlighting gaps and identifying sustainable funding models to support e-agriculture. It will create a platform to strengthen national, international and cross-sectoral cooperation in e-agriculture strategies and cross-border regulation systems.

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Ms. Sophie Treinen

Mrs. Aniko Juhasz

Mr. Marcin Cichy

Mr. Geert Kits Nieuwenkamp

Mr. Davit Babayan

Innovation ecosystem matching: unlocking opportunity through good practice

Saturday, November 9 2019, 13:15 - 15:15 Specialized Session

Creating the next Silicon Valley has been elusive and difficult, especially in the context of developing countries where less than 1% of GDP may be dedicated to research and development. An exciting ecosystem alone is not enough: it must also be competitive, and include all the right ingredients. Programmes or policies need constant adaptation to meet the changing environment, and stakeholders must be able to update their processes based on good practices to achieve impact. Good practices are key to unlocking opportunities, maximizing limited resources, ensuring ICT innovation reaches markets and creating a high-growth, innovation-driven economy.

What practical examples of good practices can be transferred or nurtured in order to develop an ecosystem with a strong fabric that can create the next tech unicorns?

This interactive session will explore relevant case studies and facilitate networking opportunities between successful innovators and participants.

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Ms. Valentina Stadnic

Mr. Alin Claudiu Apostu

Mr. Junaid Basir

Mr. Majid Mohamed Al Madhloum

Ms. Samira Ribeiro

Mr. Cesar Contreras Gonzalez

Mrs. Valentina Araya Hernández

Mrs. Giulia Traverso

Mr. Mike Thususka

Mr. Jonathan Naidoo

Accessibility matters: dismantling the barriers of disability with technology

Monday, December 9 2019, 09:15 - 10:30 Forum Session

According to WHO’s World Disability Report, approximately 15% of the world population – or more than 1 billion people - lives with some form of disability. ICTs are widely used to enable people living with disabilities to lead more independent lives by removing barriers limiting their participation in society. Technology can enable better access to health, education, government services and the job market for all those affected by disabilities. But what more can be done, in both emerging and developed markets? Can existing solutions be scaled and adapted? Is there a business case for digital inclusion solutions? How can public and private sectors work together to promote universal design, accessibility and access services? 

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Mr. Jose Maria Diaz Batanero

Mr. Joel Snyder

Mr. Roy Graves

Mr. Dilli Ram Adhikari

Mr. Bernard Kirk

Mr. David Banes

Ms. Gamze Sofuoglu

ITU-CISCO Digital Transformation Center Initiative

Monday, December 9 2019, 11:00 - 12:15 Forum Session

The digital economy is opening new opportunities for people all over the world, and improving living standards. It is creating new jobs, offering new products services and providing better and more efficient ways of working. However, the lack of digital skills is inhibiting people’s abilities to fully benefit from these opportunities.This session will present the new Digital Transformation Centres (DTCs) Initiative by ITU and CISCO and how this initiative seeks to address the skills gap challenges in the digital economy. Panelists will address questions from the moderator regarding the DTC initiative, what it aims to achieve, how it will be implemented, what has been done so far, and the plans that lie ahead.

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Mme. Doreen Bogdan-Martin

Mr. Prof. Tim Unwin

Ms. Annemijn Perrin

Mr. Prof. Dr. Josef Noll

Rik Bleeker

ITU Telecom World Awards Ceremony

Monday, December 9 2019, 14:00 - 15:45 Ceremony

The finalists and winners of the ITU Telecom World Awards 2019 will be announced by the ITU Secretary-General in a high-profile ceremony honouring the best in innovative ICT solutions, applications and services for social good.

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