A world-class programme of interactive debates exploring the key issues of the digital age. Informed opinion, expert speakers, international perspectives.


Our goal

At ITU Digital World, our goal is to improve lives everywhere with meaningful, sustainable and trusted technology.

As part of the UN, we’re uniquely positioned to bring together a powerful combination of stakeholders from government and industry, emerging and developed markets to address fundamental tech-related issues.

Our focus is on connectivity, innovation and digital principles. Connectivity is key to accelerating social and economic development throughout the world. Innovation is essential to bring the benefits of connectivity to all sectors and areas of life. And we need digital principles to ensure the growing digital society is inclusive, beneficial and sustainable.

We believe that international and cross-sectoral collaboration is critical to achieving these goals.

This is the platform we offer in the Forum at ITU Digital World.

Our event participants are interested in the latest, most innovative connectivity solutions. They’re excited to showcase their innovative businesses. And they’re eager to discuss collaborative approaches to creating a fair, trusted and sustainable digital world.

Join the debate. Share your perspectives. Be part of the future.

Call for Speakers

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Key Forum Topics

Forum debates focus on strategy, policy and technology around three central pillars:

Connectivity: policy, strategy and regulatory approaches to advance the deployment of connectivity – including new connectivity solutions to upgrade existing networks with faster and more reliable connections, establishing new connections in underserved or rural areas, or leapfrogging to the latest technological innovations and benefit from major tech breakthroughs.

Innovation: in connectivity, in policy making, in regulatory discussions or in the tech business in general - but always with positive social impact in mind.

Digital principles: technology in itself is neither good nor bad. We decide what to make of it. Digital has no borders, so international collaboration is the only way to make sure that the digital world we are creating benefits every human being on this planet.

Forum topics include:

  • Digital integrity: values & principles of the digital future
  • Expanding connectivity through innovative funding, infrastructure and partner models
  • Deploying 5G through new partnership paradigms
  • Collaborating for a safe global cyberspace
  • The role and scope of new regulatory approaches
  • After broadband: gigabit strategies
  • Optimizing – and controlling – the use of AI and the data it generates
  • Driving sustainable ICT growth in emerging and developed markets, locally, nationally and internationally
  • Spectrum allocation
  • Building digital literacy, compelling local content and skills to thrive in the digital era
  • Supporting innovation hubs and SME growth
  • Greening the ICT sector

Session formats


Forum - keynotes

Thought-leadership and international perspectives at the highest level as leaders from public and private sectors share key messages and insights.

Panel sessions

Forum - panel sessions

Experts drawn from public, private and research sectors explore the core issues facing ICTs today from contrasting perspectives. Interactive, free of presentations or pre-set agendas and often passionate, panel sessions encourage contributions and questions from delegates on the stage and in the audience.

Partner sessions

Forum - dialogues

Forum sessions or facilitated workshops organized by ITU but shaped by input and contributions from interested companies, associations or organizations.


Forum - roundtables

Ministers, regulators or CEOs share experiences, success stories and case studies from the perspective of their countries or organizations to personal viewpoints and powerful insider insights on future directions within the ICT industry, kicking off debate at the highest level on policies, perspectives and best practices from across the globe.

As always, we attend ITU Telecom World in order to benefit from global best practices, find out what is going on in other economies, borrow from their experiences and also share our own ideas on how we deploy services in emerging technologies, AI, 5G, the Internet of Things. Coming here will enrich our experience on how best we are going to do this.
Prof Umar Garba Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO, Nigerian Communications Commission
For us it’s an important event because we can have a dialogue of what’s needed to achieve the goals of 5G. It is important to have the dialogue we have with the governments, with the regulators, with the other stakeholders, because if we are to make 5G a success we all need to be a part of that game.
Prof Umar Garba Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO, Nigerian Communications Commission